Czech Council of Children and Youth is coordinating the National Working Group for the Structured Dialogue with Youth. The activities of the National Working Group for the Structured Dialogue with Youth are financially supported by a central grant from the Erasmus+ programme and by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.


The Structured Dialogue on Youth is a process enabling young people to be involved in the shaping of policies that affect them, through continuous cooperation among youth representatives and decision-makers.

The process is the result of the White paper A New Impetus for European Youth (2001), which outlines already the importance to consult young people on policy fields that affect them directly. In 2005, a European Union Council Resolution invited the European Commission and the Member States to develop a Structured Dialogue with young people and youth organizations, experts on youth issues and public decision makers.

The biggest boost for its implementation happened with the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018) adopted in 2009 through the Council Resolution that recognize young people as key actors in society that should be considered as an important resource. The framework mentions the importance to defend young people’s right to be involved and to participate in the elaboration of policies that affect them through a permanent structure dialogue between decision makers, young people and youth organizations.


The Structured Dialogue is a means of mutual communication between young people and decision-makers in order to implement the priorities of European youth policy cooperation and to make young people’s voice heard in the European policy-shaping process.

It is a consultative process, implemented by the European Commission, in order to increase cooperation with the civil society, and to get first-hand input coming from, in our case, young people.

It is called “Structured Dialogue’ because it happens in a very concrete frame which has been set by the European Commission together with the European Youth Forum.

The Structured Dialogue process has been recently reviewed, after 3 cycle, in order to increase its efficiency, inclusiveness and coherency.

The new updated process, presented in the presentation below, works the following:

1 Cycle lasts 18 month Each cycle has a thematic priority on which the dialogue will take place Each cycle involves a Trio presidency Each cycle has one political outcome: A council Resolution that is based on the outcome of the 18-month Dialogue process.

Please, find more detailed info about the process of Structured Dialogue on the European Youth Forum web page:

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